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Another Vingler shared a card about soulmates. You can click here to see @JordanHamilton's card, which asks a telling question about love and forever.
I believe that there are too many people in the world for there to be one specific person (as a soulmate). Other agree too, like @Allischaaff. But that sort of takes the wistful romance out of love, doesn't it? Sort of?
Then I found this incredible sepia-toned wedding picture of an elderly couple. This is love, I thought to myself. They set aside all others and clung to each other. In all of life's ups and downs, they stayed with each other through it all.
While I don't have insight into their lives as a married couple, you get the sense that they couldn't help but be together. I find that so magical and comforting.
I wish all marriages held on through the end of time.
it is simply perfect!
it made me really happy too @jordanhamilton
this image is simply perfect. I can only wish for a long lasting love. thanks for the tag. this made me happy.
I really like this @marshalledgar :) really sweet photograph. I think it all comes down to choosing the person you love, over and over, every day. It's pretty awe-inspiring to think that this couple must have done that for an entire lifetime :)