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Grandma's are one of life's greatest treasures.

They are well... awesome. They bake you cookies, come to your games and travel the world. Grandma's do the cool stuff your parents want to do with you but they can't because "they have to set a good example.. and shit."
Below is an cool moment that only a Grandma in this era could deliver... well a grandma and Mick Jagger (who at times looks like a grandma, but that's a story for another card.)
Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour has been all about the special guests, and Swift brought out some rock legends for her Nashville shows. At the Saturday show, she brought out Mick Jagger for a duet of “Satisfaction,” because well, why not it's Mick Jagger.

While the boatload of young people Swift bought out earlier in the night may have escaped this grandma, Mick Jagger didn't.. and she let the WORLD know.

Grandma had a complete fan meltdown during this one.
Grandma was really into this one!

It's great to see that she isn't too "mature" or "old" to soak in an awesome moment!

Keep rocking out grandma.. a little less hard, but keep on chuggin.
How cute! be me at her age. @ButterflyBlu I agree
I would have reacted THE SAME WAY!!!! But I'm no grandma, yo! Jus' sayin.
@butterflyblu I can't knock her at all, it's great to see a person at that age still have such passion for the music and embrace the moment like that