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Gregg Popovich doesn't like the media, and lets the world know it every chance he gets.

I mean, I don't blame the guy, a lot of journalists ask very dumb questions, or even worse, the same question the person before them asked in a different way.
Unfortunately for Pop, as a coach in the NBA you have to address the media, especially on things like Media Day. Rather than zone out during the questions, Pop was alert and answered plenty of questions, "Pop Style."
After this one, I think the press will wish he goes back to ignoring them totally.’s Jared Greenberg was put through the blender during this interview with Popovich.

Greenberg tries to break the ice early with a friendly question about Pop's facial hair, which blows up in his face. Saying the interview went downhill from there was an understatement, it was a complete meltdown. Pop questioned his sources on questions and completely blew off his question about Lamarcus Aldridge
With Jared on the verge of implosion, Pop lets loose a smile and tells him he was just kidding. He urges the reporter to start over and he will answer all of his questions honestly.
Talk about a rough day at the office.
I would hate to see Popovich and Duncan retire...
This is why I love Popovich! Greenberg's facial expression is priceless hahaha
@mchylang I will hate to see them go as well. Pop is one of the great minds in basketball. I think he has a lot more time left on the sidelines if he likes.. at least a solid 4-5 years..
@mchlyang Greenberg was about to have a meltdown, lol