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Got tagged by @nicolejb to do this challenge. Oh man this is going to hit me hard. I love animated movies XD RULES : 1. Pick 5 Animated scenes. 2. Any scene from any animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic. 3. Find a video or pictures of scene. 4. Get hit hard with emotions. 5. Tag 5 people (only 5) who NEED to do this challenge. Alright let's get this over with. ^^
Mulan Okay this hit me hard and let's get it out there but I cried. I related a lot with this scene. I won't go into detail but let's just say I feel you Mulan, I feel you.
Ice Age I love Diego and this cracked me up. Sid is really funny but Diego took the cake for me here.
Brave Now I think this is one of my favorite recent animated films. She fought for her fate in this scene, even though it was against the rules and sometimes you have to to learn from it.
The Last Naruto the movie Can I just say finally!
Monster Inc. I enjoyed this movie and got sad with this scene. People come and go in life though, but they can always come back later on.
Woot! All done and now to tag 5 people.... @RochelleRose @buddyesd @fourstargeneral @ErinGregory @IlseJimenez
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Ah! thank you for doing this!!! That Mulan scene is actually SO GOOD. everyone wants to be themselves. WE FEEL YOU MULAN XD