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Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have had a friendly feud for quote sometime.

Kimmel has went out of his way to make Matt the butt of constant jokes on the show, and while Damon has one a battle here and there the war has went to Kimmel.
To fix things, Kimmel and Damon went to couples counseling and let their feelings fly. Pretty funny skit from the duo.

Damon and Kimmel aired out all their dirty laundry during this quirky skit on the show last night.

Kimmel even said he might let Damon on the show, which he took seriously and appeared in full makeup as Dr. Phil (complete with a pretty funny Dr. Phil impression). Unhappy with the segment, Kimmel lashes out and the two go to counseling.
While the two leave the office having worked out their issues, the two end up getting into a new quarrel in the hallway.
I guess the rivalry continues for another day.
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Jimmy Kimmel is great haha