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Stunning. Epic. Dazzling. These are just a few superlatives used to describe this Nathan Fiske photo of a Fall wedding. It's thematic, spirited, and captures the bride and groom expertly. I say that because it takes incredible talent to pull off a shot that looks effortless.
What Fiske has to say about photography:
"I like to take pictures of people and their special moments in different and unique ways. Every person, every subject, and every important day is different, so the variety of approaches I use will be just as diverse.
I’m not your typical mall studio photographer and I always think outside of the standard ‘pose-smile-and-say-cheese’ box. I think the best pictures usually come when we stop trying to get the best pictures and try to have some fun instead.
My method to photography is always about finding a way to use the colors, the shadows, and the sights to capture the feeling of moment. My goal is that when you look back at your photos, you’ll see more than a moment in time… rather, you’ll hear it, feel it, and experience it all over again too."
Now think back to all the boring and horrid wedding photo albums you were saddled with when visiting your newlywed friends. Think about how blase or bad those pictures were. With that information, find a photographer that you can vibe with, gets you and can create neural responses from you (and others) just from a photograph!
If you're thinking you can cut your wedding budget by hiring your cousin or best friend to 'do you a favor,' I'd strongly counsel against that. Having really bad pictures of your big day is the same as not even hiring a photographer.
I am going to share this in the photography community to see what they have to say about this subject. What other insights should couples look for in a great photographer?