Welcome back Vinglers! It is Tuesday, so we get our weekly dose of amazing OSTs from amazing dramas. This OST is a bit different than any other one I have done so far: it is actually incorporated into the drama. YUP! It is set in the musical show biz world and centers on music and friends. Not quite sure which one it is yet? There are quite a few dramas that fit into this category. I'll give you one more hint. This drama spun us all on our heels, creating a giant twist in just the 2nd/3rd episode. Got it? If you've seen it, or at least made it this far, then you probably do. OUR OST FOR THIS WEEK IS:
*not my video First off, I want to give a shout out to @AristaJ who made this lovely card yesterday and reminded me how much I adore this song and that I wanted to do it for an OSTuesday. From the 2012 drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드) comes the rock anthem Jaywalking from the in-drama fictional band Eye Candy. Eye Candy is a fictional South Korean rock band within the universe of Shut Up Flower Boy Band, with the lead vocals done by drama lead Sung Joon.
Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a TVN teen show-biz drama about the young high school rock band Eye Candy, and follows the ensemble around as they navigate their way through life, friendship, love, and the music industry. The drama stars Sung Joon, Kim Myung-Soo (stage name L from the popular Idol dance group Infinite), Lee Hyun-Jae, Yoo Min-Kyu, and Kim Min-Suk as the Eye Candy band members, and also features Jung Eui-Chol, Jo Bo-Ah, and Kim Ye-Rim as rivals and love interests. Also a shout out to Lee Min-Ki who was only a cameo, and made people fall in love with his character Byung-Hee almost immediately (me). I have a confession to make. I was one of the few people who saw the twist at the beginning, and stopped watching. So I have only seen the first two episodes. I couldn't do it. I'm being vague because I don't wanna spoil anything, but you guys. If you are like me, I've heard this drama is fantastic, and the characters are great so you should definitely continue on. I personally love dramas about friendship that don't get all bogged down on romantic issues. Like yes this has that, but the core story of this drama is between the bandmates, and even within the character's inner selves. Okay, lets get to the OST!
This is the first OST I have done on Tuesday that has been literally incorporated into the show! I love OST's like that and will definitely have more in the future. (You're Beautiful is one of my favorite dramas). Okay before we get to the specific song, I would just like the say that most of the OST is done by the actors in the drama, and just hats off the all these incredible, multi-talented actors. Only one of the guys in here is an idol. Claps all around. Let's talk sound. I am a huge fan of bands and a rock vibe, and this song definitely has that. The recording is a little rough and not hella produced and polished, and the mics on the instruments are definitely heavy. I love it. Sung Joon's voice is very deep and sounds great accompanying the staticky sound of amps and guitars and drums. The feel of this song is is a little Jung Joon Young Band (JJY Band) to me, which is never a bad thing, and Sung Joon's voice and the manner is which he sings sounds a lot like JJY. Alright now let's get into the connection between the song and drama. **SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH**** So the connection of the song to the characters is quite evident: it is theirs. The characters in the story know it, it isn't just for ambiance or to heighten the story for us. It is for them as well. This song is sort of the center theme for the entire drama, since it was written by Byung-Hee (Min-Ki), the band's leader before he suddenly dies, causing the whole drama to be set into motion. The death of the band's front man and leader is traumatic on all of the members, but holds the most weight to Sung Joon's character Ji-Hyuk. Ji-Hyuk is forced to step up as a leader and as a person due to the death of his friend, and singing the song (the last thing Byung-Hee wrote) is very emotional. It also holds a sense of irony as the song is about Ji-Hyuk's later love interest in the show. Byung-Hee decided on a whim that she was going to be his muse, and due to 'Jaywalking' she was chosen, tying all of their lives together in a twist of fate. This song allows Byung-Hee to live on and be connected to the rest of the characters and to the plot without being actually there.
Okay that is the OST for today! I hope you guys enjoy this song and this drama. The song is a really good listen to any of you who enjoy bands. Or if you just enjoy music. It is a sweet song that holds weight because of the events that take place in the drama.

What do you guys think about the OST/drama this week?!

@baileykayleen Yes please finish it!! FINISH COFFEE PRINCE FIRST THAT IS MORE IMPORTANT LOL!!! I'm trying to get my sister to finish coffee prince but she's being stubborn.
@sugajin94 I'm usually not into cheesy lovey-dovey drama but I remember coffee prince was bearable. The storyline is cute and I think it's one of Gong Yoo's best drama. Talking about Gong Yoo I miss seeing him in the small screen.
@sugajin94 we did good with Healer and Its Okay That's Love but she REALLY got into Coffee Prince lol.
Ah thats too bad. That happens to me all the time when i watch stuff with my mom.
@sugajin94 I was watching it with my mom, and we had 6 episodes left, and I left just for one night to see my girlfriend... Got home the next day and she had finished it all that night!!! Haha so I lost my watching buddy. It's amazing, and once I click play it'll be no prob, just gotta get on that lol.
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