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Have you ever heard of Swarovski saving a wedding? Neither have I, though I'm sure Swarovski has saved many a weddings!
Check out this dazzling ring by Swarovski. While this gold encased faceted megaliths, halo'd by crystals cocktail ring won't be your engagement piece, you can use other Swarovski rings to serve as your engagement ring.

Check out these rings for under $200:

Attract Square Ring
Rhodium-plated ring features a square chaton in the center with sparkling chatons on either side. The chatons embellish the front half of the ring.
Attract Light Ring
Featuring a double halo of crystal pavé around a central circle, this rhodium-plated ring gives you that brilliant sparkle.
I Do Ring
These two rhodium-plated rings are embellished with sparkling chatons; the rings look great whether worn together or separately.
Simplicity Ring
Consisting of two rings which can be worn separately or clipped together using the discreet, specially designed pin, one ring features a large clear crystal, the other sparkles softly in clear crystal pavé.
What are your thoughts about wearing diamond-style engagement rings that are not at all diamonds and cost less than $200? Does it really matter that your engagement ring be real diamonds? Does the band have to be real gold or platinum? I would love to hear your thoughts.
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