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Song Of The Day: Zion. T - Eat
Hey guys, im back with another SOTD. Todays song is Zion. T "Eat". And can i say this is my jam <3
I really love it, so if you guys dont know about Zion. T then check out some of his music.Like please do because it's so good and his voice is on point :P
But todays SOTD card has a twist..... dun dun dun
I thought instead of hitting you guys up with more lyrics how about some jams :D
They're both by Zion. T so don't panic to much lol

Hang on there's a catch

Im not telling you guys the name of these songs until tomorrow on the next SOTD
*evil laugh*
Brownie points for the person who can guess these song names, if you guess correctly i tell everyone the answers today!!
( so whos going save the jams :P)
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