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An Otaku's Diary #1
Hello there everyone! The name's Usa-chan and starting today, you'll be hearing from your otaku friend and the struggles being one in school.
Currently, I go to school, and you already know the pain of homework... *shivers* But not only is homework the problem that any "normal" student faces, but an otaku has it rough! Like, no one here understands our likes on anime and manga!
Everyday I go to school, I often think to myself about how much people are missing out. Or simply, I just imagine anime moments in my head when I walk between the hallways... It either do those two or I simply glare at people.
That's my face every time I talk about anime, or manga, in front of my friends. They know the "basic" anime like ATO (Attack on Titan), Naruto, Bleach, and possibly FMA (Full Metal Alchemist) if you mention it often. I mean they know lots more, but they don't understand the struggles of knowing A LOT, sometimes obsessing about them. Okay well maybe obsessing is a little overboard. But, you have to admit... We, Otaku's, do obsess with anime and manga quite a lot.
Well, that about sums it up for today... See you all next time!!! ☆〜(ゝ。∂) Yours truly, usa-chan man

*Bonus: What is your favorite anime/manga?

**School Edition- #2 is up!**
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I understand these feels all too well! I have to say that my all-time favorite manga is Mahou Sensei Negima! and my favorite anime is Soul Eater.
Okay so I don't know how to reply to each of you (I'm new at this), but thank you for all your replies! And to tell you the truth, I actually know all of those anime/manga you all mentioned! This is great! ^^
This struggle is too real. I have too many favorites at this point. And nice to meet you usa chan man. XD
I totttallllyyy get those feels too. You can mention us like this @bunnymafia!! Just add the @ sign to our username :) Nice to meet you!!! My friends probably hate me because I have a ridiculous obsession with Love Live (anime, the video game version, the real life girls....all of it) and they have to hear about it ALL THE TIME hahahah
Nice to meet you both @poojas and @hikaymm! And thanks for letting me know how to reply here! I thought there was some sort of reply button and I just couldn't find it ^^