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I would love to watch the run episodes live however everytime they are on I am either in a lecture/ class or at work Please do one central time lol sincerely - a fan Does anyone else have this problem??
Yes oh my god yes! its always during class. evey single time. and then theres all sort of stuff popping up on vingle and I feel so lost. the lock screen is jjang!
maybe if I ditch school I wouldnt have this problem, or if I stayed up all night....see what you make me do BTS! lol
BTW...love your lock screen pic!!! One of my favorite pics of V....that come here and get it look!!!! Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmm
Today, BTS had a live vid...well it was more like Suga and Hobi were thinking of doing something (maybe a new segment with 2/3 of the rapper line, idk) and it happened to start just when my class began. so basically I did what any good student would do.... I sat and watched their vid for the next minute :)
That has happen to me ... My class was stating and it was a live video with Got7 and I had class it will be good if it was an hour class to at least finish the end but my class was 3 hours by the end I couldn't watch them...ㅠ.ㅜ
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