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I would love to watch the run episodes live however everytime they are on I am either in a lecture/ class or at work Please do one central time lol sincerely - a fan Does anyone else have this problem??
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@ToppDogg right the struggle is real I've stayed up all night and slept during my lecture. @adikiller the worst part is when you have your phone volume all the way up and it makes that sound lol everyone looks at me
Nah, I didn't wake up at 6am and sit giggling in my bed like a weirdo watching Ep. 5... yes. Yes I did. 😑
I just saw that pic almost dropped my phone lol dam that pic love it
That has happen to me ... My class was stating and it was a live video with Got7 and I had class it will be good if it was an hour class to at least finish the end but my class was 3 hours by the end I couldn't watch them...ㅠ.ㅜ
Today, BTS had a live vid...well it was more like Suga and Hobi were thinking of doing something (maybe a new segment with 2/3 of the rapper line, idk) and it happened to start just when my class began. so basically I did what any good student would do.... I sat and watched their vid for the next minute :)