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and what a challange it was hah The challange creator is @goyo and @poojas tagged me to do this so I took the time to give it a go! So here I go: "Here are the rules of the challenge: 1) Pick 5 animated scenes. 2) Any scenes from any type of animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic. 3) Find videos or pics of that scene. 4) Bawl like a baby remembering. Or laugh. Or sigh. You know, any kinda feels! 5) Tag 5 people (only 5!) who NEED to do this challenge!"
This part made me cry so much. I was devastated. I feel like I over reacted but it just really tugged on my heart strings back in the day. I remember my mom going "uhh, why are you crying so much?" hah
First this is my favorite song in Mulan. It is a lot of fun then BAM it transitioned into devestation. What is life! It was a memorable high and low.
Haha oh my this made me giggle. If you have watched inuyasha you can understand why I am sure ^.^
The reason why this is so touching and mind blowing at that point is because the whole time you are lead to believe itachi is some horrible villian but in reality he was the biggest visionary with a pure heart and love for his little brother and village. Itachi...his whole story and words will always strike a chord with me and sauske...unfortunately the psycological damage done may have not been the best but he did become stronger.
Last but not least...the ending of Wolfs Rain. Man this ending drove me mad deciphering every detail it but I eventually did. It was quite the beautiful metaphor and had me pondering about it for awhile. That the kind of Anime and ambience in anything I dig in general. Thought provoking. So now I randomly nominate @nicolejb @tessmorgan @VinMcCarthy @MichelleIbarra @JasmineWilliams
Omg monsters inc T^T @littlemaryk! #ALLTHEFEELS
Ahh I love it that's awesome! I listen to the pokemon theme song to pump myself up haha. and yea they did but that moment took the strangeness to a whole other level @VinMcCarthy
@littlemaryk I still listen to "make a man out of you" when I'm trying to pump myself up. and I think it's a marvelous scene to have picked. the relationship that Kagome has with Sesshomaru is so strange.
Mulan was truly a great movie. I wore it out when I was a kid man. And yess Inuyahsa is a classic for me. It was the first anime I really really got into like emotional invested because of all of those "feels-y" moments haa. I don't even know why but that last moment of them just popped up in my head I couldn't resist ^.^ @VinMcCarthy
I love Mulan so much. probably in my top 5 disney movies. also, inuyasha was full of feels-y moments. I'm glad you picked a more lighthearted one.
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