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They say that people don't come into your life on accident.

Whether they came into your life to teach you a lesson or to be a blessing, they came for a reason. At the end of the day, it's up to you to figure out exactly what that reason was. I often sit and think how my life would be if I never crossed paths with certain people. Those people who were in my life for years that I loved dearly, who are now just old memories -- what if we had never met? Would I still be the same person that I am today? Would I have made the same mistakes I made a long the way? I mean there are so many questions I could sit and ask myself, but honestly at the end of the day -- I will probably never get that straight forward answer that I'm looking for.
From those people you once called your best friend to that guy you once called your boyfriend, each person walked into your life with certain intentions. Whether their intentions were good or bad is another story, but a story worth revisiting. If that guy had never cheated would you have those trust issues you have today? Or what about if he never put his hands on you, would you still be extremely guarded when it comes to physical connection? What about that girl you called your best friend for nearly one decade, would you still be singing "No New Friends" if she had never went behind your back all those times?
What would life be like?
Honestly, we will probably never know. That's the mystery of it all.
We can only live in the moment and appreciate how far we've come and just hope that the next person who steps into our life will stick around.
I think about this a lot... What If this hadn't happened; would I be happier today? What If I never dated Him; would I still have trust issues? What If, what if? It can be toxic. But there's the other side, too. What If I hadn't kept that promise; I wouldn't have that best friend today. What If I had said "no let's wait until college is over"; I wouldn't have this child today. I truly believe that we have to learn from every mistake and try really darn hard not to repeat them. Let them mold you, but not define you. We also have to realize that someday, we may look back and see that some of those mistakes were the Best things that ever happened to us.
I am so glad that you left this comment because I wasn't even thinking about the positive aspect of things and I thank you for opening my eyes to that. I definitely agree though, it can be very toxic. every mistake is a lesson in disguise.