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Give a shout out to the strong women in your life
To change the world, start to ourselves and then our children will copy what they see
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@LizArnone @alywoah @nicolejb @ButterflyBlu @ButterflyBandit @AimeeH @loftonc16 @VeronicaArtino are some strong women right here ^_^ so here's to them as well! I admire all of you so very much
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This is so true! "May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them". I love that so much. I want to give a shoutout to my grandma. She raised 4 kids, and still had so much love in her heart for the many grandkids that came after. My parents were both working/in school when I was born, and she spent months with my newborn self. She was a teacher for many years as well (she was actually fired for getting pregnant... different times). She was brave and ballsy and took no sh!t from anyone, and I hope I'm doing her proud today.
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@shannonl5... why is this room so smokey all of a sudden 馃槩 Thank you so so much!!
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AWW thanks for the shoutout @shannonl5! I am lucky to have so many female mentors in my life. And I鈥檓 consistently surrounded by inspiring ladies! My mother is a big one for me, but so are the female friendships I鈥檝e made throughout my life. Shoutout to these ladies too: @Danidee @allischaaff @LizArnone @TessStevens @smnthcarter773 @TerrecaRiley @melifluosmelodi @FannyWard
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@KarenCorchado shout out to the strongest woman I know!
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