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To change the world, start to ourselves and then our children will copy what they see
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@smnthcarter773 oh...I'm sorry to hear that but it's great that you get inspiration.I had to do the same thing recently too.It's not they were bad people,it's just that they weren't helping
well a few of them were bad ppl to be around and I no longer needed them in my life. I'm not a bad person and I don't do stupid things. I just let them go because their stay was no longer needed. and some were just users. I don't need that in my life either. I've done fall cleaning in my life and hopefully its for the best. I have a few ppl I trust which is but a few ppl. I was done wrong and I'm having to clean the mess they created for me. but it hasnt made me bitter or cruel and I find time through the heartbreak to smile and pray.
@smnthcarter773 wow!that's some deep stuff
be strong and hang in there @smnthcarter773
you got it ! all smiles...