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Child actor Park Ji Bin surprises with new abs pictures. New pictures of child actor Park Ji Bin from the set of SBS' drama “Incarnation of Money,” were revealed and they surprised many people. In the pictures, the actor is seen only in a towel, revealing his toned upper body, with a mature expression. The picture was taken from a scene in the drama where his character Lee Kang Suk was thinking over his situation while showering. This scene was also used to introduce the adult character played by Kang Ji Hwan. This picture became a hot issue, and shocked many people because the actor had the image of a cute child. He won over many people's heart when he played the role of Geum Jan Di's little brother in the popular drama “Boys Over Flowers.” However he put a more matured and serious performance for this drama. Netizens commented on the photo, “Wow. He has grown up a lot.” “I cant believe is Geum Jan Di's little brother.” “He is so handsome,” and more. Meanwhile, “Incarnation of Money,” airs every Saturday and Sunday on SBS at 9:50 PM (KST).
Wow..that's a shame this kid got a better body then I do make me want to put down the cookies..almost
look at how he has grown so fast
Awww look at that baby face, he is just a cute lil babe...Love BOF
um wow is all i can say
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