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Seen a lot of flags thrown during the games this year? Trust me you're not alone in that one.
There were 730 accepted penalties through the first three weeks, the highest total in league history, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.
Crazy right?
As a result, the average time of game during the first three weeks of the season is 3 hours, 10 minutes, according to Elias. That's up nearly four minutes per game from the same time in 2014.
We want to keep the game clean, but I'm sure some of these calls are on the fence. Lets hope we find a middle ground on this soon, or I will be watching games for 5 hours before the season is over, lol.
@karencorchado Yeah you should hahaha
@mchlyang I didn't realized how many flags are being thrown until now that you're mentioning it. I do hear a lot of whistle blowing. I'm going to pay attention this Sunday to the calls. :)
@Starbell808 @BrookieyElba @karencorchado What do you guys think about this?
Haha always count on Elias to provide crazy stats.