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This project was originally done with a birdbath (or an outdoor dish), but you can also do this on a decorative dish in your home or apartment. This project is not for dishes that you use for eating because it uses grout. This DIY tutorial comes from the creative people at Me and My DIY.


For this project, you will need:
-- A dish or birdbath
-- Lots of CDs
-- Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss
-- Liquid Nails Clear Gloss
-- Grout (in white)
-- Spatula or grout-spreader
-- Scissors
You can find grout at a hardware store.

Cut up the CDs

Make sure you aren't using CDs you want anymore because you are going to completely destroy them. Cut the CDs into small pieces using the scissors. Remove the clear covering of the CD.

Spray the CD pieces with clear gloss

Use the Krylon spray to completely cover the pieces of CD. The gloss will keep that sheen that is so pretty on the pieces of CD.

Glue the pieces

Use the glue to attach the pieces of CD to the dish or birdbath that you are decorating. Cover the entire dish with the pieces of CD.

Apply grout

Spread the grout over the entire dish. Immediately wipe the excess grout off with a damp washcloth. Allow the grout to completely dry.

How beautiful is this dish?!

Enjoy your new, unique dish in or outside your home or apartment.
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This is beautiful!!