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"You, a girl? The infamous Nightingale?" He laughed.

Don't you ever get sick and tired of reading all about men in wars? Textbooks are always full of male valor and bravery while the women are left totally under appreciated. In fact, the only time I ever learned about women in war was Rosie the Riveter and that seriously just doesn't cut it in a world that has been at war pretty much since guns were created.
But I have found the most amazing book that tells the story of two sisters in France trying not only to survive Nazi occupation, but revolt against it.
Full of secret meetings, horrifying descriptions of violence, love and loss so intense it hurts, and bravery that simply can not be fathomed The Nightingale written by Kristin Hannah gives some insight into what women left at home had to endure and fight.

Because some of the most important battles didn't happen on the front line.

Older sister Vianne Mauriac must hold down the family home as her husband, who is her life line, goes off to war and becomes a POW.
Trying to keep her daughter safe, her Jewish best friend alive and a Nazi forcibly living in her home is difficult, especially with no food and hatred for any non german skyrocketing as the war goes on.
Then there is free spirited Isabelle, who throws herself head long into the resistance and slowing becomes one of the most sought after rebels in France.
And the best part is, no one even takes a second look at her because she is "just a woman."
The Nightingale shows an amazing point of view of female resistance fighters in a time where women were only imagined barefoot in the kitchen.
It is an amazing reminder that while women always seem to be passed over, we can take advantage of societies stupidity and commit acts of bravery, courage, and strength that men would never even consider possible.

Its an amazing read so go pick it up righttttt now!

I need someone to talk about it with!

@shannonl5 I think I'm about to dive into some awesome women focused historical non fiction
@melifluosmelodi i saw you wrote a book reviews so i thought you might want to check this book out!!
i love kristin hannah! and will def be picking up this book
@shannonl5 so I just finished it last night ...... It's safe to say I am extremely emotional today a mark of a perfect ending.
@bulie what else has she written that you would recommend!
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