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Apparently, this is a thing. The Tipsy Bartender -- famous for coming up with super awesome, and sometimes weird drinks, came up with a new tequila shot. Here's you can make these fiery tequila shots!

What You'll Need:

Flamin' hot Cheetos
Mason jar

How To Make It:

1) Pour bag of Cheetos in a mason jar
2) Pour some tequila on top and let it sit for 3 hours
3) Serve into a shot glasses with lime wedge

I like Cheetos, I like spicy things, and I love alcohol -- so this might be the shot for me. It sounds a little weird, but I am definitely willing to try it!!!!

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@Goey246 why didn't we have these at our gettys?
Because yuck!!! Lol
yuck youuu!!!!! lol. If we can drink four lokos, we can think anything haha @Goey246
Bro did you not remember what 4 lokos did to us? No Bueno! >_<
lol i remember a few people throwing up haha. and i was like, "oh god I don't want to be drunk anymore" lol ...that had to be like the worrsst drunk ever!!! @Goey246