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So I found this really cool post on Koreaboo talking about the meaning of certain rappers names and where it came from. I already knew all of these except for one and that one really surprised me.
Hanhae 한해 That's just his name....there's really no reason unless you want to know like the meaning in Korean and stuff.....*scratch head with puzzled look on face*
My baby My love My Kang Min Ho 강민호 E-Sens is actually 'essayistic sens' -essayistic just means 'resembling an essay in nature (style) or quality -sens has several meanings, one of which is the street name for marijuana, it's also the name of an old cathedral town in France among many other thing So oppa name just refers to the way he writes.....
Choiza (Choi Jae Ho)
Dynamic Duo's Choiza's stage name came from a nick means "stong....." fill in the blank yourself
*hint: the area in the picture isn't blurred for no reason
Black Nut (Kim Dae Woong)
This oppa's name is actually also quite as simple as Choiza's and the reason I'm so shocked
*hint: again just think of the blurred image in Choiza's photo
Giriboy (Hong Si Yong)
This oppa has a unique styling to his name. It comes from the Korean phrase "see the way" 보이기리
If you figured it out, yes he changed it around to 기리보이, which is quite clever
This guy doesn't really have all that much depth to the meaning behind his name
Sung Bin oppa is just a fan of the American rapper Benzino, add his name Bin (which sounds like been) and thus Beenzino is born.
Hae Sol oppa is a church oppa
So Zion is from the biblical city Zion and T looks like a cross so it just kind of fit in.
Hyuk Woo oppa 혁우 오빠 This guy just gets crazy when he drinks