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I was tagged by @VinMcCarthy (thank you by the way) so now I'll complete my task cx I believe it was started by @goyo so this will be fun ^^ Here are the rules of the challenge: 1) Pick 5 animated scenes. 2) Any scenes from any type of animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic. 3) Find videos or pics of that scene. 4) Bawl like a baby remembering. Or laugh. Or sigh. You know, any kinda feels! 5) Tag 5 people (only 5!) who NEED to do this challenge!
Sleeping Beauty~Prince Philip vs. Maleficent Feels: Excited, anguished
Gnomeo and Juliet ~Balcony scene Feels: Happy, laughter
Spirited Away~Haku scenes Feels: love, courage
Kiki's Delivery Service ~Ending Scene Feels: Proud, cheerful, happy
The Hunchback of Notre Dame ~Esmeralda saves Quasimodo Feels: melancholy, depressed, joyful, and etc.
It took me a while to choose 5 hahaha but thanks for the challenge!! ^^ Your turn: @LizaNightshade, @alywoah, @allischaaff, @chris98vamg, @MercedesMata
Ahhhh you picked some awesome Ghibli scenes!!! <3
@LizaNightShade @raquelarredondo as someone who graduated coming up on a year ago, STAY IN COLLEGE FOREVER THE REAL WORLD IS TERRIFYING
@LizaNightshade ohhh I have 5 assignments due but yours is probably different than mine :) @VinMcCarthy you should haha it's good but if you watch most of it, I will praise you cx
@raquelarredondo I totally feel you on that. sooooo many feels. I haven't gotten into one piece yet, but I'm sure I will feel all the things. @lizanightshade I'm excited to see yours! XD
ok...I will except you challenge! I will have to tackle all of my challenges this weekend. I can't do it during the week because of school lol
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