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So this line was from the first episode of the Muppets TV show last week, and I was seriously dying when he delivered it. Fozzy, when did you get so risque?!
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@danidee not the whole thing. I need to go in with a better mindset I think. I'm *really* attached to the old show and I felt like I was comparing them unfairly
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@shannonl5 Yeah, I think they're overcompensating a bit, like someone was like "Let's fill this up with tons of extremely current cultural reference to keep things fresh."
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@danidee that's a shame. I mean, the series did that too, to an extent. They got a minor celebrity guest for every episode. But there's also a lot of timeless humor there. And they broke the 4th wall very rarely. The conceit was that it was a live variety show... and it was always going just a little bit wrong. Wheras this is more like the Office.
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I’m a huge fan of the old stuff too @shannonl5! I haven’t seen the new one, but I grew up on that stuff so it’s going to be hard to think of it in a new way!
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@nicolejb same here! But I love the characters, and it seems like the show is being pretty consistent with them, so I do want to give it a chance. I might just have to watch all the old stuff to give myself the space to love this new version
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