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Sooo, @Goyo tagged me in a new 5 Animated Scenes challenge where we celebrate five different scenes from animated films that got all up in your feels. I love animated movies, so I'm really, really excited to do this one!

The Rules:

1) Pick 5 scenes.
2) Any scenes from any type of animated movie or show. Foreign or domestic.
3) Find videos or pics of that scene.
4) Bawl like a baby remembering.
5) Tag 5 people (only 5!) who NEED to do this!
Let me start off this challenge by saying I'm not really a big fan of Pixar. I'm a huge animation nerd, but computer graphic animation has never really been my jam. Needless to say, you won't be seeing any 'Frozen' or 'Up' or any of that from me.
(I know, I know. I'm heartless. But in the immortal words of Jeff 'The Dude' Lebowski, hey, that's just, like, my opinion, man.)

Here are, however, scenes that I grew up totally obsessed with. I hope you enjoyed these scenes as much as I did!

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Jack Skellington Discovers Christmas Land!

Okay, not only is Danny Elfman's score amazing ('What's This' is such a good song!), but I just love the amount of detail in this entire scene. Every time I watch it, I notice another little charming Christmas-themed accent. Can we ALL go to Christmas Land?

The Chipmunk Adventure

The Chipettes Hit On Some King Cobras.

I watched 'The Chipmunk Adventure' ALL THE TIME, where basically the Chipmunks travel the world in a hot air balloon and get into trouble. Basically, in this scene, a baby sultan wants to marry Brittany against her will, so with the other Chipettes' help, she tries to escape his palace, only to get stopped by the sultan's room of king cobras (every good palace has got one!).
So what do they do? Distract them with a sassy music number as they find a safe way out, of course.

The Sword In The Stone:

Mad Madam Mim vs. Sunshine

When I was little, my favorite movie was 'The Sword In The Stone' for the Mad Madam Mim scene. The song where she shapeshifts, her wizard duel with Merlin. The best part is when Merlin defeats her by turning into a virus and giving her a bad case of sneezes and spots.


'The Eye Of The Tiger'

'Persepolis' is a popular graphic style memoir about a young Iranian refugee that was turned into an animated film a few years ago. It's one of my favorite movies, and this is my favorite scene if only because of the part where she tries to wax her own legs. I KNOW THAT FEEL.

Felix The Cat: The Movie

Attack Of The Headhunters

A lot of you younger bros might not know this one, but the Felix The Cat movie was the trippiest animated movie ever. Felix The Cat lives in an alternate dimension and has to save a princess, all the while trying to escape the head-stealing stealth of the evil Headhunters.
This entire scene is so post-'Masters of the Universe' it hurts. I love it.
Anyway, those are the scenes I picked! I hope I was able to bring up some good memories for other people who watched these movies too!
Now I must tag five people, so here it goes: @VixenVivi, @Arellano1052 (aka Bruh), @BluBear07, @Marichel, @MissB82 -- WILL YOU DO ME THE HONORS?
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@danidee PS. It may be submitted late. I'm swimming in essays that need marking. Lol. :-)
Yeah.@danidee I liked it a lot!
@MissB82 YESSS. Mim and Archimedes are the two best characters! (Aside from Merlin, of course.) And it's okay, lol. I still need to respond to your messages. I was suuuuper sick from Thursday on, so I wasn't Vingling as hard as usual.
And @Marichel you have to do the chaaallenge!! :D
Yes yes !! @danidee