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If you couldn't already tell by @snowinseoul's AWESOME RANT ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE THE ATLANTA BTS SHOW WAS, the show in Atlanta was, well, horrible.
Hundreds of fans not let into the show even though they paid $70+, made to wait 7 hours in the rain for a hi-touch event that didn't happen, getting flipped off and treated poorly by the event organizers, the list goes on and on.

The insanity continued in Toronto and Phoenix, led by the same event organizer - TGM Events.


After a horribly unorganized show, TGM events topped it off by flipping off some fans waiting outside as they walked away. Bro? You screwed up big time and you're going to flip off the fans that paid you and expected a good show? Boo you.
You can watch the video HERE.

They posted an apology but, really? Come on guys.


The organizers arrived 3+ hours late so the people working the venue had to come out and ask the fans if they knew who was in charge. Tons of these fans had stayed overnight to see the show and the organizers couldn't be bothered to arrive on time?


Organizers were no-shows again so the venue security took it into their own hands to organize. ARMY filled Twitter with tweets about how awesome and sweet the guards were and how they literally saved the day. No apology posted yet from the Toronto or Arizona shows...
Because of the shit show in Atlanta, ARMY were prepared and were able to turn it into a good experience in Toronto and Phoenix and even though it wasn't perfect it was cool to see the ARMY work together.
They worked with security to make sure everyone got what they paid for (VIP ticket holders went in the VIP line, and fans and security were checking each other to make sure people weren't lying - since the actual event planners were no where to be found) and I think that's pretty rad.
Apparently police officers and security guards were even taking pictures of the ARMY waiting outside the venue because they were so impressed with the fandom.


Was anyone at these shows? Why does BTS keep having horrible experiences in America?!

This is absolutely unacceptable! These assholes are going to give Kpop a bad name. And I heard they were also yelling at our boys. I promise you guys if I would have witnessed anybody yelling at my 7 lovely boys, I would have put those assholes in their place.
Honestly, I'm just worried about them not wanting to come back.. like with what happened to RapMon back in July.. it must have taken him guts to come back, and now because of this..
This seriously pisses me off so f***** much!!! I'm not the one to cuss but if this sh!t would of happened and I seen it! Sh!t Take me to court right now!!! HERE IS A VIDEO FROM FANS OF ATLANTA DRAMA---->
@kpopandkimchi also....somewhere on twitter kr something....I heard that TGM made Jimin and V sit on the floor.....*slams down laptop screen and is done with TGM's bs*
that's horrible poor bts it's not fair that they're being treated like this and it's horrible that they're being treated like this consequetively sighs America I swear
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