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Jr is actually my bias in Got7 so this ^ totally killed me when I first watched the If You Do music video yesterday. I went to the restroom during class to watch the video and I squealed really loudly. Woah...I didn't really look at the other members during this scene because I was too distracted by Jr but look at Mark's face! Now imagine your bias walking towards you looking like that...
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@Marilovexoxo just embrace it, you'll be happy. I'm a proud Triple J lover lol
@Marilovexoxo watch My Love, Eun Dong, you will be slayed.
Lol Im a triple J lover 4 if you consider young jae a J haha @sunnawalo
I still haven't chosen. I love them all. JB, Jackson, and Bambam are top 3 though
@Marilovexoxo I'll allow it lol