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Lol I'm so happy with my results. I must be really lucky or this thing is rigged!! Either way here are my results. And it's all legit.. just look at the times in the corner.
But...Jin.... Has my heart been wrong this whole time???
Yes!! Kookie and I BFFs.
OMG!!! You don't understand how long I waited for the exact time to press those two buttons and I almost dropped my phone when I got it. J-Hope can move on bc Jin is here!!
Darn!! I wanted this one to be jin honestly but you can't win them all lol.
Suga...omg stay away!! u will not wreck my bias list!
Someone pinch me...SOMEONE FREAKING PINCH ME!!!! I could've just stopped right then but I decided to just finish just for the heck of it lol.
V there isn't any reason for you to hate. It's just that Jin is my life.
Dang Suga u don't have to be like that. Ur all my babies
Why is this so easy to picture?
I just noticed something...where the heck was Jimin?????? @glostick and anyone else Please try this if you haven't. It's a lot of fun and kinda scary lol
@wllmvns I love your results!! You're comments made me laugh! I'm glad you liked the game!!
I love your results!!!! @wllmvns
how do you do this? lol
I tried mine a couple days ago. I'll tag you in my results.
@otakukpopgirl Here's the link to the card. @glostick Ikr i almost had a heart attack. Go try it too if you want @glostick