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Get To Know Me........

I have been tagged by @B1A4BTS5ever......I think you've tagged me in several other posts as well........... here I go
Full Name: Stephanie A Hall
Favorite Kpop Group?:
Well I hope you all know I am inseparably in love with Big Bang
Buuuuuuuuut I also love:
2NE1, TVXQ/JYJ, B1A4, CNBLUE, Epik High, Girls Day, Lee Hyori, Sistar, Tiny-G, AA (do you remember these guys), 2AM&PM, and many others but this is just to name a few
Where do you live?:
Well I live in one of the most fashionable cities in the world. The famed Big Apple.
Born and raised in Brooklyn my whole life.
What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be just like Yoon Mi Rae or at least as confident......something close

Honestly though, I'll be happy that I lived so long without any fatal disease or illnesses that leave me wondering when I will leave this world next.
But honestly, I'm still figuring that out. I already have a BA in Forensic Psychology and I am getting my Associates in Massage Therapy. I plan on continuing to get my second BA in Asian Body Work and maybe get BA in nutrition since I'm learning a lot about that as well.
But I guess I just want to grow up to help people properly.
Favorite Food:
Anything not really. I like a variety of things and I can't just pick one and say this is my favorite.
Just to name some of the things I currently eat a lot of:
Pocky (can't live without it)
Kimbap & Sushi
Bread......yeah I eat a lot of bread
Bubble Tea
Eating (I always have to go out to a new spot or try anything I haven't already tried on the menu)
Listen to music
Singing, Dancing, Drawing, playing my guitar or on the piano......
Watch YouTube videos
Watch Asian dramas & variety shows (not just Korean any more)
Workout (gotta stay fit and healthy)
*I used to read a lot but that got overshadowed by watching dramas an YouTube mv's. Unless you count reading fanfic, then yes I also still read.
Food (seriously I love to eat)
Music (it's my life)
Learning (languages and other things)
3 Dislikes:
Bad tempers (they put me in a bad mood)
Having to wake up from a really good dream or when a drama ends and I still have all the feels
Bonus: I also dislike it when people say bad things about my Big Bang and hurt their feelings.
Something about me............
So I'm American, African-American to be exact but I can safely say that I have Cherokee Indian blood running through my veins, as well as several other things but that's a story on it's own. I just turned 23 last month but I still have the mental age of a 9 yr old.......maybe younger.
In general I'm a happy lost puppy looking for love and trying to fit into who I amand who I want to be at the same time. *cue Beenzino gifs above*
I have an active imagination and I am forever day dreaming. (I have traveled to Korea and made friends with my favorite idol groups using my active imagination and the power of day dreaming). I am very shy but when I am comfortable with you I am a bit wild like Loco oppa. (crazy and hyper but I don't drunkenly start barking at people). I have been watching anime and reading manga since the 5th grade and I haven't stopped (it's more or less on pause though). I go to church and believe in God. I am currently self teaching myself Korean and Japanese and the same time, while learning a little bit of Chinese for school.
Bonus: My friends tell me I'm going to marry an Asian guy but I only wish I were lucky enough to meet someone that would tolerate and accept or at least join me in my never ending crazy Kpop love phase.