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Somebody please tell me this isn't so because he's my ultimate bias like look at him.
so basically me and my best friend was arguing about ultimate biases.
and I told her mine was RapMonster from BTS and she said why he doesn't even like black people.
I told her why are you going here lying to my face about my ultimate bias. she replied saying will look it up on the internet and you'll find out.
basically what I found on Google was that many people believe that rap monster is racist.
I could not believe these things the person that I love and the group that I love would be a racist.
I just can't deal and I just cannot believe it I will not believe it can somebody please tell me what is going on.
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Dear it's not true! Media Likes to distort things.
@jasminewillams it's not true. people are just ignorant and didnt like what he said as a joke to his friends who weren't offended at all. also this happened in its American hustle http://kpopmeetsblackwomen.tumblr.com/post/102343049044/beanieboysuga-how-namjoon-picks-up-a-girl-omg
@heidichiesa not going to lie that was kinda cute
@jgallegos22 this is why rapmon is my bias wrecker....sneaky rapmon always finds a way in with the cute stuff he does
wow😁😁wat a relief!!!!!