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God bless YouTube suggested videos - this is a GEM!

Basically, Seventeen posted two versions of their Mansae practice video: Hide and Seek.

They're known for doing all kinds of dance practices including my personal fav: Role Switch!
Check out the two videos below (especially the Seek version omg)

Hide Version

I noticed someone hiding in the back in the very beginning but for the most part this looks like a normal dance practice....until you watch the seek version (below)!!!!!

Seek Version

I legitimately didn't notice them making faces at the camera in the back at all during the HIDE version!
I think I just get too focused on the people singing to take my eyes off of anything else LOL!

Hoshi is the cutest thing EVAAAAAR.

Tagging my Seventeen fans! Please comment and let me know if I missed you and you want to be tagged in the future!
I seriously just watched this and then checked my phone and I even checked the release date of seek because I was like how did I not know of this how did YOU not know of this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it helped me recharge before the homework I still have to do 😒😒 I love them so much 😝😝
@osnapitzlilred Totally searching up more on Doogi (why do i feel like he's going to be my seventeen/pledis bias ahhahahahhha)
Haha I gotta look up Doogi! And yes Jun is all sorts of precious.
actually, contrary to popular belief, theyre two different practices :) You can tell bc if you watch Hide, then Seek, then Hide again you can see some differences. plus, i dont see a back camera in the Hide version, or a front camera in the Seek version. i think the staff member mightve been Doogi PD (PD. cute adorable staff member, basically the long lost 14th member) but im not sure. nonetheless, they were adorable in both versions. Jun and Vernon were killing me with the butt slapping. and Juns faces were perfect.
This is hilarious! I thought it was two different takes! πŸ˜™πŸ˜š So cute!!
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