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It's fall time, which means it is the perfect time for bangs.

The summertime is gone which means you don't have to worry about your hair sticking to your forehead anymore. Trust me, it's not attractive [I have been down that road]. Whether you already have them or you want them, cutting bangs can easily be a hit or a miss. You have to make sure that you are cutting them at a straight angle, depending on what style of bangs you are going for and using a pair of blunt hair scissors.
In most cases, going to your local salon would always be the better option -- even if you do happen to be skilled like Edward Scissorhands. If you're feeling bold and want to showcase your bangs before the fall quickly turns into winter, keep scrolling for a brief tutorial on the proper way to cut bangs and look bangin' afterwards.

Step One: Divide your hair into a triangle section.

For a heavy bang, start triangle further back on the center of your head and for a thin bang, start the triangle to the center front of your head.

Step Two: Clip sides of your hair.

This will prevent you front cutting any unwanted hair during the process.

Step Three: Take a thin piece from triangle section and clip it.

To achieve a straight across cut, trim your bangs section by section.

Step Four: Grab one section of your bangs.

Hold your scissors vertically and cut from the center of your head working your way to the outer edge of your head. Repeat on opposite side of your head.

Step Five: Take down your remaining clipped sections.

Lay the following section over the cut section and match the remaining hair to the completed section.

Step Six: Flat iron your newly cut bangs to get rid of fly aways.

Twist small section of bangs and use razor to add texture to the hair by gently shaving the outer hairs.

Step Seven: Add product to your bangs.

This will ensure that they stay in place throughout the day.

Ladies, let the bangin' begin.

With just seven simple steps.
lovely, lovely, advice thanks for this.