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Enjoy Vinglers!

10. Little League fail. Major League frustration.

9. This ball boy should never, ever skip leg day.

8. Good thing Shane Victorino wears a helmet with both ear flaps.

7. This is what brothers are for. He definitely wasn't aiming for the ball.

6. Looks like he's gonna win an Oscar before DiCaprio.

5. Ryan Braun - Even steroids can't help you with that.

4. Never trust a toddler with a baseball.

3. Hey, at least you got to stand on the field!

2. Tarp fail! I guess getting run over by that roller really hurts...look at the guy run for his life!

1. Manager Buck Showalter has no friends. Well, at least he has an imaginary one to fist bump with!

So my fellow baseball fans in Vingle!

What is your favorite baseball blooper from the list?

Oh no, you were THAT kid, hahahah ;)
@danidee Agreed. And, I would also be that kid that took the sport way to seriously hahah
@danidee HAHAHA Yes. I will. My bad if someone like me hurt your feelings when you played Little League Soccer!
Just play nice with the slower athletes okay? Like me, the painfully slow soccer defense.
@danidee Yeap...I was THAT Little League player with a Major League heart!
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