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I am really liking my results. I think some of it is a way it could turn out.
Boyfriend- Yugyeom Crush- Mark Best friend- JB First kiss- JB Ice cream thief (who steals your ice cream)- Mark Lose virginity to- Junior Have kids with- Jackson Husband- JB ( went from the friends zone to more... I'm very happy for that since he's my bias.) Secret Admirer- BamBam Jealous one- Yugyeom
the one that buys me food.....Yugyeom...trying to butter me up....well unless he was doing this when we were dating lol.
thanks @SkullBunneh for the link and @AimeeH @Michelkebarra for creating it!
@SarahVanDorn! Thank you for participating in it dear!! I really like your results!!!
@AimeeH me too it was amazing.... did you create it too?
@SarahVanDorn yes! I created this one, UNIQ, and the SHINee version. I'm going to make this a common thing, where there will be 2 - 3 groups per week on mwf. Bigbang and Infinite will finish out this week.
@AimeeH awesome! can't wait