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Don't Fall For This Facebook Hoax! Everything is OK!
Every once in a while we see a notice like this on our feeds:
"STOP: Please re-post this copyright claim on your Facebook in order to protect the photos and property of your profile. You will lose control of all your pictures, information and status updates, writing and all other materials you post. They will become property of Facebook if you continue. This status protects me and my immediate circle of friends from any copy-written claims of ownership. Please pass on."
"You will now have to pay 5.99 per month for your Facebook account. Re-paste this status to show you will leave the platform if this happens."
Immediately, people are thrown into a tailspin, furiously copying and pasting these messages to their feeds. And the group-think mentality of paranoia ensues.

Do not fall for this. It's a hoax!

Deception and paranoia in the social media sphere is cyclical. Last time this happened in January people ended up mass deleting their profiles, receding into a black hole of delusion where only alien life and conspiracy theories exist.
Don't be one of these loonies.
Mainstream media has not reported any such claim from Facebook. There would have been a big report on TV or online from a reputable source backing it up if there was any truth involved.

Your shit is your shit, but if you put it online, it's there forever. Remember that instead.

Have you fallen for this before? What do you think is the root of this?

Are people bored? Or do they really think their online safety is at stake. Are the hippies of yesterday globing on to fake internet fodder and internet freedom as if they were claims of civil outcry?
I'm not sure.
So just scroll past that garbage and get on with your day.

This has been a friendly PSA from me, the most hateful social media critic you know.

Good luck out there, bye!
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I wonder why people are so prone to fall for this stuff... like we’ve been conditioned to not believe this. haha why do people still keep falling for it?! haha
2 years ago·Reply
@BleuRay you're right hahahahahha
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb I think it's because we all want to protect our ideas and freedoms but the online world is so easy to take advantage of. People can take your pictures or words and you'd never know. I think it's about a fundamental human thing regarding jealousy and protection lol. It's completely ridiculous. I subscribe to the: "Don't put it on the internet if you don't want your whole family to see it." lol, cautious but true.
2 years ago·Reply
yeah, but we so easily skip the terms and conditions of FB/iTunes/anything. I just find it so funny that direct messages like this are more scary @TessStevens.
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah! Hahaha I mean...I skip over everything. I don't have the time, and when it's out in our face we take notice! You're absolutely right @nicolejb aaaah Facebook hahahah
2 years ago·Reply