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You love him don't you...BITCH.

When I was compiling my list of Celeb heartthrobs I completely forgot about Aaron Paul...who captured my heart as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad...arguably one of the best TV series of all time.
If you're anything like me...Jesse is your man, and here are 10 reasons to be proud of that!

1. He loves to learn.

Who wouldn't love a guy who is enthusiastic about science?

2. He's direct.

None of these mind games like your last few boyfriends.

3. He's dreamy and brooding.

This...this is why I love him most. Gotta have inner turmoil.

4. On the flip side...he's totally dorky.

Happiness is simple for Jesse, and thus, simple for you.

5. He's really good with kids.

A dude with a big heart is the best thing around. I mean, look at that! So precious.

6. He'll defend you.

Jesse doesn't play around. And he goes to bat for his own. Who doesn't want a boyfriend like that?

7. He's a thinker.

He loves to have fun, but he tends to ask tough questions. No shortage of intellectual conversation if that's your thing. I know it's mine.

8. He's honest.

Jesse has a pretty guilty conscience. So it'll be hard for him to keep things from you, which is good. Honesty is the best policy.

9. He's got a sick ride.

Who wouldn't want to hit up the drive-in in this thing? Uh...nobody!

10. And finally, he's just super cute.

Just being honest.


Would you date Jesse?

I know I would.
Yeah bitch!
Whose your favorite TV heartthrob? Maybe not a meth cook/drug dealer/drug addict but hey. We're trying right?
@danidee I know he likes Aaron Paul. Not sure about your friend, but please feel free to share the love. All HAIL PINKMAN XD
I knew you wrote this before I clicked on the card because the cover photos gave it away
my word. my bf to the point. something he would say. lol
hahahahahahhah Yeah, mom barely endorses my real life relationships hahahah, actually she rarely does lol. @danidee
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