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Hey Video Games Community!

You guys have probably seen me around, posting the QQ cards and whatnot. Well I'm proud to announce that I have been accepted as the Q4 Community Moderator for Video Games! I'm super excited to take up this position, and I will do my very best to represent the community to the best of my ability.
Video games are basically the only thing, and everything, I need in my life.
Let's work together to make this community a powerhouse for al lthings gaming! From the videos that @GalaxyTacoCat and @Kinggokus post to the deeper personal essays of @paulisaverage, to the funny thoughts that @LAVONYORK posts.
As a community, we should all strive to do great stuff! So let's do it together.
If you have any questions about the community, or what you can do/want to do for it, feel free to send me a message!

Happy gaming, y'all!

@Mattk95 @mchlyang thanks guys! and congrats to you both as well!
Congrats buddy! And yes, I agree. I know you'll do an amazing job! If you need any opinions on sports games (FIFA, 2K, etc.), feel free to tag me or shoot me a message!
Congratulations @VinMcCarthy !!!! I know you'll do a great job \^-^/
@VinMcCarthy What are you saying? I don't even know what that means.
@RosePark thanks! @paulisaghost I see that you even changed your name so as to be harder to track down. but you know what's really sad? I know how really sad you are. but before you leave, I want to tell you... au revoir.
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