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Just because the leaves are turning colors in the States, signalling a push for Fall trends and jewel-tone colors, there is an entire season of Spring happening far south of the Equator, namely, Australia!
And you all know that I am digging the talent that is coming out of there, especially if you see my cake cards, which you can, by clicking here.
For this card I am invigorated just by looking at it. Such luscious and delicate shades of pink! That variegated greens as seen in the ferns and the succulents seem to capture that citron green color that is most associated with Spring.
The flowers seen here were created in the Philippines by Weddings By Vatel Manila for an Aussie bride.
TIP: If you're desperate for a Spring or Summer wedding, and it's the middle of Fall or Winter in America, make it a destination wedding to Queensland! Here, you can have your cake and eat it! Figuratively, and literally. Check out more floral ideas here and cakes here.