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Boyfriend: Mark Crush: Mark Best Friend: Yugyeom First Kiss: Jackson Steals My Ice Cream: Junior Lose Virginity To: Yugyeom Have Kids With: YoungJae Husband: BamBam Secret Admirer: Junior Jealous One: JB There would be soooo much drama lol probably all fist fights and JB would probably start them all because he is so jealous xD
*Bonus: Buys Me Food: YoungJae Thank you Oppa!!
View more comments and the UNIQ one! I can tag you in the card If you'd like me too!
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thank you for tagging me!! I actually haven't tried this yet so could u give me the link friend? :)
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Thanks ❤❤❤
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@wllmvns No problem I would like to see your results
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