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Only two days ago, National Geographic released footage of the first ever first biofluorescent reptile ever recorded: the sea turtle. Marine biologist David Gruber, of City University of New York was out on dives to film biofluorescence in small sharks and coral reefs, when his discovery just got better.
His dive team was able to capture the first glowing turtle just off the coast of the Solomon Islands.

Here’s the rad video they captured:

Here’s a video of the turtle in it’s natural habitat. It’s pretty incredible to watch this little guy in action.
Oh Nat Geo, you’ve outdone yourself with this discovery. I love turtles and this is just stunning.

Is anyone else in awe of this stunning sea creature?

Because sea turtles are endangered, I suspect this new glow is in response to their survival needs (evolution at it’s best). But then again, I’m no scientist. "[Biofluorescence is] usually used for finding and attracting prey or defense or some kind of communication,” said Gruber.
"Sea turtles are one of the rarest species on our planet, yet for all their conservation importance, the animals remain a mystery.”
So if this sea turtle is so rare, then the glowing sea turtle is like one in a billion.

I henceforth proclaim that the Glowing Sea Turtle is the BEYONCE OF THE OCEAN.

i want one so bad...
I think there might be other ones, this is just the first on discovered. I bet he has a family at least :) @lovelikematoi a happy glow family
*sniffles* y-yes...its very happy :) @nicolejb i hope he is not lonely and has lots of cute glow-in-the-dark babies~
my babies are endangered?!?! *wails at sky* (╥﹏╥)
Awww you’re welcome @ButterflyBlu! I’m obsessed with sea turtles myself! they are so beautiful and they travel so far in the ocean. It’s so cool to see this little guy all glowy. ah! so cool!
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