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VIXX are the ultimate kings of creepy concepts.

There's no denying it - they are weird as hell.

The more blood and darkness and sass the better as far as VIXX are concerned and I LOVE it.

Here's a list of their best creepy concepts to get you in the October mood!

On & On

This was the concept that started it all. Thanks to a suggestion by Hyuk, they decided to wear those terrifying colored contacts that made them stand out so much on stage. A complete 180 from their fun bubbly 'Rock Ur Body' single, 'On and On' is the track that made them huge and started the supernatural concept trend in kpop!
There are aliens, vampires, and six boys going insane on the surface of the moon - what is not to love?
Watch it >>here<<


They took the classic 'Jekyll and Hyde' and made it about a billion times creepier. There are spiders and snakes, split personality disorder, and Taekwoon even tries to kill a girl! Not to mention they are stranded in a creepy forest and become winged demons at the end as well!
Watch it >>here<<


This video was so creepy that they had to make a "Clean" version too because the original was too gruesome. The boys are being tortured in all different ways including having shattered glass thrown at them, metal hooks going through their skin, being tied up and kept in a creepy room, and being tortured with a voodoo doll.
Hongbin and Ravi take the cake for being the creepiest prisoners I've ever seen.
Watch it >>here<<

Blossom Tears

Alright if you haven't seen this yet, watch it now. It seems like an adorable love story with a slightly moody Taekwoon but it goes downhill - fast. Let's just say someone is dead, someone likes to play dress up with dead people, and someone has SERIOUS ISSUES.
It's like VIXX can't do anything without there being something creepy going down.
Watch it >>here<<


Robot suicide at the end? VIXX what are you doing?!
Watch it >>here<<

Happy Halloween, Vinglers!

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I lovelovelove VIXX sooooo much for the concepts that they do. Like I really don't have words and I am filled with glee at this card because HELL YEAH. I love gothy creepy horrory thrillery things veryvery much and these guys doing it kpop style... ITS THE BEST THING EVERRRRRR 鉂わ笍馃挏馃挍馃挌馃挋
2 years agoReply
Ahhhh i love all of them but mu fav is blossom tears and hyde
2 years agoReply
What is their not to love about VIXX they are amazing in all their concepts their voice and talents makes them a better group I'm waiting for their comeback and B.A.P comeback also I would literally cry once I see their concepts I love VIXX and B.A.P鉂わ笍馃槏馃槝
2 years agoReply
I love my vixx though even if they are a bit creepy. (especially Ravi....the love part I mean haha)
2 years agoReply
Did you mean spoopy? LOL. I love all of these so much. 馃槏馃槏馃槏
2 years agoReply