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What happens when you get that spark? Maybe it's love at first sight. Maybe it's that surge of knowing that washes over you. Maybe it's something else. But when you know it's love, why not go after it?
A certain Vingler shared a card on here looking for advice...about love. Well, more about decision-making than love. She already has the feeling. In the card, she asked about what others would do if love was miles away. Would you leave your job? Move to be near them?
I think, for me anyway, years ago, I would have said, Screw love, my career comes first! But love is so hard to find, when you find it, why squander it? Jobs come and go. Careers can splinter into new found jobs elsewhere.
Keeping the status quo, not letting the plates fall from spinning may be a challenge worth fighting for instead of the unknowns that come from the pursuit of love. But is the "it" that prevents love from happening really worth it?
I have great admiration for the couples that have found love, that have discovered that piece of life's puzzle. I haven't. Not yet anyway.
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I guess all that remains to see if this is the incredible love i believe it is.
love this and the quote. I feel like if the love is there, take your chance. you will never know unless you try.
always go for love ladies. :)
thanks @marshalledgar that is a great tip of advice that I will forever keep in mind.
Awwww babes 馃挅