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I felt it yesterday we just met, not knowing any about each other
But yet, smiling like we have know each other for years,
The soothing sound of your voice in my ear making constant
Melodies, The degree of this feeling is so intense but yet so
Good, I remember when we went out for a second date and you
Told me how you liked that I am a good listener with a cute smile,
That I'm not like any other guy you have went out with, That I make
Your day each time we talk whether it's via Text or Phone Call,
Well baby, I enjoy making your day, just because of the fact that you
Make my day when I can hear, see, smell or touch you, You don't
Have to say a word my sweetheart, for the words are heard through my
Other senses, I adore you like you were the only thing that gave this
World a positive, The only positive that I can have, The only positive that's
Making a effort to stay positive, The only positive that intertwining with my soul
To purify the dead tissue at a gradual rate, Those kisses you give me are
The best, Holding that waist of yours like it's my last, kissing your neck while
Sending goosebumps down your spine, Grabbing a hold of your hips with intent
To never let go, The presence of you is such a relaxing feeling, It's always a plus
When I can be near you, I'm slowing getting to know you each day as time
Progresses, Constantly reevaluating the thought of not having you there,
Late night Netflix with side of Domino's Pizza followed by a waterfall of Kisses
And Licks to please you when you deserve it the most, Watch your legs twitch
As I make love to a woman that sends a smile my way all the time, It was only matter of time before you became mine.