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I know what you're thinking: @danidee, why did you post two pictures of Obama?!
Okay, maybe that's not really what you're thinking because it's pretty obvious these are two different guys, but to the nation of China, 29-year-old Xiao Jiguo (pictured left) looks SO MUCH LIKE OBAMA that he has become a local celebrity!

Two Obamas?! What will your girlfriend's NRA card-holding and (kinda) racist dad think?!

POTUS. Don't. Care.

In fact, if you told him, I'm sure he'd think it was pretty cool.
Xiao Jiguo doesn't speak English very well at all, but pulls off his impression by creating his own 'Obama language' consisting of short English phrases and a lot of English-like sounds.

You can check him out in action (complete with said 'Obama language') in a BBC News report below:

But, of course, once Obama's presidency is over, Chinese Obama realizes it's going to be a little bit harder to keep his fame up. He's begun dabbling in acting, currently shooting his very first movie role as a low-level gangster named 'Black Prince Charming' in an upcoming crime movie.

Who's got two thumbs and can't wait until that comes out?

So what do you guys think about Chinese Obama? Do you think he does a good Obama impression, and further, would you want to see his debut film?

Let me know in the comments below! And for some equally WTF news, feel free to follow my The WTF Street Journal collection!
@mchlyang THAT'S RACIST!!!! jk jk
How are the Chinese so good at copying things...
I’m with you too @ErinGregory, I think Obama would get a kick out of this and be flattered. lol
I'm not sure why I laughed as hard as I did lolol Obama would probably find this hilarious hahaha I can't wait to see the show!
@alywoah I'm with you
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