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So, I think there is a BIGBANG concert going on right now somewhere in Las Vegas...and I am in Las Vegas....and I cannot go to the concert.
Let's just say I had a breakdown...and I'm so sad....It gets worse though. They were supposedly at Planet Hollywood earlier (I think that's what the store is called), and I was there too. Did I see them? no...They even went to the store that I was in...but I was gone by then.
I'm really angry right now, and heartbroken....I need someone who knows how I feel to comfort me. It sucks because I don't have any friends to talk to and my mom is really pissed at my attitude...She will never understand....
@ToppDogg it's okay. They have one in LA & it's sad I'm not going either! Maybe next time!
@xxxtina I hope that next year I'll get really good seats to KCon lol. @RobbynEllis thank you and I'm sure this feeling will pass by soon enough.
The Vegas Concert is Friday night. I'm sorry you can't go.