the objective is to Screenshot the gifs,add the boys are playing by. these are my end results:
Crush: Rap Monster * like he has a crush on me or? *
Best Friend: Suga * we would like have sleepovers like every single day *
Boyfriend: Jimin * is this fate? i mean he is my bias, but it's not the husband stage *
First Kiss: Suga * so i had my first kiss with my best friend? okay isn't that usual? idk what is love? *
Secret Admirer: Rap Monster * i think he'd mature enough to keep his identity hidden for a long time *
Husband: V * here is where the argument starts... jimin is my bias and i got him as my boyfriend. butbutbut. taehyung is my bias wrecker 5evurs and he is my husband *
Hater: Jin * he hates me because I hang out with the other boys and not him *
Love & Hate Relationship: Suga * best friends argue about things to right? *
Weirdo: Rap Mon * what a weirdo *
Brother: Jungkook * Kookie would be the fun kind of brother that would let you play with his friends *
uhm sorta tagginh @kpopandkimchi @StephanieDuong and/or whoever wants to do this. created by @AmbieB Vote for NEXT WEEK'S 'GROUP OF THE WEEK' -Big Bang -Sebeuntin -iKon -UNIQ -or request: no sm thank you
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I didn't create it! XD I don't take credit for it!! xD