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A Huge THANK YOU! to @glostick and @thisismylife for sharing this amazing group because seriously they are perfect!!!and they are major life ruiners!
Look at them!!!!!!!! My heart cant take it they are all soo perfect♡♥♡♥
soo hard to choose between them so , so far my bias order is(even though its gonna be ruined): Jung Yeon(my UB of the group because he is too much)♡♥♡♥♡ Jelly-P♡♥♡ Actin♡♥♡(he reminds me of jb for some reason) Ado♡♥♡ Jaguar♥♡♥ Yaho♡♥♥(tao & kris love child)
I love there personalities already♥♡ they are all just too cute for words and Jung yeon legitimately killed me in this video!
This group is so perfect its insane♡♥♡
You guys need to check them out and spread them like wildfire they are too perfect to go unnoticed!!!!!!!♥♡♥and Ado is seriously killing me and he hasnt even shown his face. and i cant function so i can only imagine my fragile heart when he does show it ♡♥
Guys look how adorable they are!Why must the be this perfect. Im seriously falling in love with these guys♡ Jung yeons voice! Jelly-p and his adorable personality , Yaho being the cutest human bean possible, Ado being hot and mysteriousness , and can we appreciate Jelly-P and his english and Jaguar being Jaguar and Actin ughh hes so cute♥♡ Thank you @glostick and @thisismylife again for sharing and ruining my life♡
Okay its jelly p that looks liek jonghyun omg hhahahha
wait what is the group called @Marilovexoxo
@Marilovexoxo YES!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
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