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Hello Anime Community Friends! ^_^

It's my favorite day of the week! Trivia Tuesday!!!
If you're new to Vingle Anime Trivia Tuesday, I ask you guys 4 anime-related questions every Tuesday. You leave your answers in the comments, and I will update the answers the following Monday.
No Googling! Make your best guesses! :D

UPDATE: The correct answers are A, C, D, C! :)

1. What anime series is this scene from?

A. No Game No Life
B. Lucky Star
C. Nichijou
D. Sword Art Online

2. What is the name of this Dragon Ball Z character?

A. Krilin
B. Trunks
C. Vegeta
D. Gohan

3. What anime series is this character from?

A. Death Note
B. Ghost Hound
C. Blood+
D. One Piece

4. What is the name of this Gurren Lagann character?

A. Kamina
B. Rossiu
C. Simon
D. Kittan

Hope you all enjoy this Trivia Tuesday! ^_^