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Brown Eyed Girls are NOT your typical girl group.

They have creepy concepts, creepier solo projects, and killer voices.

Below are a list of creepy concepts to get you in the October mood!

Narsha - Bbi Ri Bba Bba

Narsha goes from wearing a crown of thorns to standing on the edge of a cliff to possibly drowning to being just a creepy person in general. The whole video just needs a few more lines and it would be a perfect horror movie.
What it >>here<<

Ga-in - Paradise Lost

Ga-in loves drama and it shows in her Paradise Lost video. There's lots of her just being creepy in a long lace dress, crawling around in the dark, having shirtless men come from all angles towards her. Basically, its all kinds of beautifully creepy.
Watch it >>here<<

Sixth Sense

This video shows the hardships of being a public figure and how much people control what idols say. They are tied up, thrown into water, chained to microphone stands, kept in cages, and charged at by riot squads.
Watch it >>here<<
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um in Ga-in paradise lost... they aren't just shirtless....
Omg I love this band but I never heard of any of these
I have always loved Sixth Sense, Paradise Lost, and Fxxk U, but I can't get with Narsha's song haha. idk I think it was too weird for me lol
I love these girls, individually and collectively
BTW... their new album is out next week