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Best Friend: Li Wen Han Takes Me Out To Eat: Li Wen Han Crush: Li Wen Han Secret Admirer: Li Wen Han Lose Virginity: Li Wen Han Have Kids With: Seung Youn Boyfriend: Seung Youn Jealous One: Zhou Yi Xuan Takes Me On Vacation: Kim Sung Joo Husband: Wong Yi Bo Well these are very interesting results the way things were going it was like Li Wen Han would of been evreything xD @AimeeH
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@otakukpopgirl :) Haha I did on bts now I am like okay! I'll check when I upload it. On the exo one I got so excited from my results. That one didn't troll me at all!
@AimeeH what did you get?
@oatakukpopgirl Bestfriend : Chanyeol ♡ BF 1: Baekhyun BF 2: Lay ♡ BF 3: Chanyeol ♡ BF 4: Chen ♡ Lost Virginity to: Tao Fling With: Kris ♡ Love Child: Chanyeol ♡ Married & 3 Children: LuHan!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
@AimeeH Awesome :D hehe
@oatakukpopgirl god yes!! XD