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We all like TV shows. Don't lie to yourself. Sometimes there isn't anything more pleasurable than watching images dance across a screen in front of you. But there are also thousands of TV shows. How will you ever know what to watch?
I believe most of these shows have finished their run or were cancelled at some point so your hip-hipster cred will go up since you're watching these shows post-mortem (why would anyone ever want to do anything while it was popular?).


To start you off light, check out Parenthood. I've only watched a couple of episodes of the show (I plan on finishing it eventually) but the show covers parenting in a way that most television doesn't. i remember walking in on my brother watching this show, it might have been one of the most emotionally intense moments I've ever seen in a drama about a family.

Sons of Anarchy

I've written about Sons of Anarchy before because it's one of my favorite TV shows ever. I remember watching it every week with my best friend over some coffee and cigarettes. I know it comes off as some kind of tough-guy-macho-bullshit show, but there are a lot of great moments. If you need any more convincing, just know that it's basically Shakespeare's Hamlet in suburban California and a motorcycle club.


I've only watched the first season of Justified and I have to say I enjoyed it. And I've only heard good things about the seasons that I haven't seen. Also, I really like Timothy Olyphant in this. I don't know when it happened (or how) but he became one of my favorite actors and seeing him every week on this show was a real treat.


Firefly might be one of the first TV shows I watched that I really enjoyed it. I watched it years after it had been cancelled because a lot of my friends had suggested I watch it. I'm pretty sure that this show is the reason why I'm still so obsessed with things that are considered science-fiction. The best way to describe this short-lived Joss Whedon project is that it's basically for the people who want a character like Han Solo outside of the Star Wars universe.

Battlestar Galactica

If space piracy isn't your thing and you're still in to space, try Battlestar Galactica. Don't think about the weird stigma around it because Dwight from The Office would talk about it all nerdy. Just buckle up for one of those most intense and challenging TV shows you've ever seen. On a personal note, there's something about Edward James Olmos' role in the show that reminds me a lot of my dad. I don't know what it is but I'll figure it out eventually.
So there you have it my Vingle Babies, some TV shows you just have to re-watch (or watch for the first time). I'd say, you should try and get settled in because that's a lot of television you have to watch in the next couple of days. Maybe you should take a page out of Ozymandias's (above) book and sit on your throne next to your weird blue tiger pet and watch all the shows.
Oh man oh man.... don't hate me @paulisaghost, but I guess I need to watch all of these a FIRST time so I can rewatch them :O
@allischaaff no hate coming your way! im just jealous you get to experience these shows for the first time!