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YG is known for their over the top amazing music videos and they definitely don't shy away from the creepier concepts.

Here's a list of the creepier concepts YG has pulled off to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Big Bang - Monster

I'm pretty sure this is self explanatory - the boys are made up to be monsters of all kinds and are being attacked and tortured because of what they are. The video is beautifully shot and the 'creepy' make up is stunning. This is a perfect example of a high-budget supernatural concept done right.
Watch it >>here<<

2NE1 - It Hurts

YG could have gone so many different directions with this and I am SO glad that they went this way. The girls are gothy, witchy, goddesses perched on a rooftop covered in cobwebs and sadness. Too perfect!
Watch it >>here<<

Tablo - Bad

This isn't actually creepy, it's portraying how love can tear you apart. While it;s not necessarily spooky, it is definitely dark and fits right in with the YG theme of darkness and angst. It's also one of my favorite songs off Tablo's solo album.
Watch it >>here<<

GD - She's Gone

G Dragon is a crazed murderer stalking his lover and then all of a sudden he's covered in blood. Could this get any better? This is the perfect Halloween music video.
Watch it >>here<<

Happy Halloween y'aaaaall!

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& the creepiest award goes to.... GD-she's gone. that video is creepy!
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omg these are fabulous and very creep
I'm about to use some of these for my Halloween playlist challenge lol
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